little gem

Introducing Majacraft's Little Gem

Our Little Gem is a state of the art travelling folding wheel. It is especially for use by those who need to transport a spinning wheel to club and conference functions but has the capability to cater for all types of spinning.

The Little Gem is very suitable for use while on vacation or away from home and can be transported folded flat but assembled or in the special carry bag made for this wheel.

The Little Gem easily handles tasks of spinning and plying wool, mohair, silk etc. The Little Gem, although small and incredibly light (around 4kgs or 10lbs), is a full height with attractive design.

Our Little Gem requires you to part company with pre conceived ideas about spinning wheels. Majacraft threw the rule book away! This design of this wheel is a revolutionary new concept.

Employs Majacraft's great features:

  • double treadle
  • quick change flyer
  • no oiling sealed bearings
  • sliding flyer hook
  • boilable bobbins
  • sensitive scotch tension NZ rimu construction
  • Small
  • Light
  • Extremely foldable
  • Spins like a full-sized wheel
  • Easy rolling treadle action
  • Compatible with Majacraft wheels and most accessories

Majacraft Gem with bag


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